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You can get better service & save up to 20% on your communications costs with no extra work.

At ItgGroup, we specialize in creating 5-star communication solutions at 20% savings for companies & government agencies. And we'd love to do the same for you.

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About Us

The itgGroup difference

ItgGroup is an independent communications carrier agent. Since we are authorized to represent virtually every major service provider, we are able to focus on providing you with quality service rather than trying to sell you one particular product.

Because we are an independent service agent we receive commissions directly from the companies we represent. Our services won't cost you a thing.

Our Mission

Provide business and governmental agencies with the communication solutions they need to receive the best service, support and price.

About the founder

In 1978 John Smythe began his telecommunications career in the basement of the Pacific NW Bell Building. His self motivation and hard work ethic was significant, and in a few short years he moved from managing the Data Processing Center to managing Strategic Sales Accounts such as, Bank of America, First Interstate Bank and Fred Meyers Corp.

After 25 years of industry experience, John became the president and founder of itgGroup in 2001. Building on John's reputation of Integrity, Trust and Giving, itgGroup has consistently provided secure and reliable service to dozens of clients, including:

  • Bi-mart Corporation
  • Rodda Paint
  • Knechts Auto Parts
  • ODS Health Plans


How does it all work?

We listen to you and clarify your services needs with a solution.

Service Solutions

You'll receive a complete evaluation of your business communications network.

After our initial evaluation, you'll receive a Proposed Solution that draws from the best Service options available in the industry to increase your service speeds and help you save.

If you like what you see, then we'll pull together all the contract paperwork you'll need to start the savings. In short, you tell us what you want and we'll do all the rest.

It's that simple.

Experienced Consultation

In the confusing world of communications sometimes all you need is an active advocate. Someone who can turn up the heat on your service carrier and provide you with better customer service when you need it.

With our 30+ years of industry experience you can count on us for comprehensive consultation services for all your needs. We are here to serve you.


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