April, 1978

Pacific Northwest Bell

The journey started with John Smythe getting a job at Pacific Northwest Bell.

April, 1978
January, 1991

Pacific Northwest Bell becomes US West

Even with the consolidation John showed tenacity as he learned new systems and stayed dedicated to his craft.

January, 1991
May, 1995

Advanced Communication Technology

Having accumulated a wealth of experience, John made a decision to collaborate with ACT, a company pioneering performance technologies.

May, 1995
January, 2001


By taking what he learned from years of working at IT companies, John made the difficult decision to step out on his own. With the help of his family, he started ITGgroup.

January, 2001
May, 2001

The Rest is History

By staying true to his Customer-Centric focus and by sheer determination, John made his first sale with BiMart Corporation installing a Frame Relay Network, and hasn’t looked back.

May, 2001

Transformational IT and Communication Services:

A 30-Year Success Story with Bi-Mart Corporation

Empowering Community Action:

Leveraging ITGgroup’s FREE RFP for UCaaS Transformation

Technical Evaluation Partnership with Rodda Paint:

A Case Study of Trust and Commitment as Partners

Proven Solutions

We work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, while embracing innovation and incorporating cutting-edge solutions allowing us to ensure a seamless and engaging customer journey.

Audit & Discovery

Our experts will evaluate the terms, conditions, pricing, and performance metrics, identifying potential areas for improvement and cost savings

Proposal Management

We collect information and draft your company’s proposal using AI and peer reviewed research to generate the highest quality documents

Comparison Shopping

By sourcing from top suppliers, we aim to ensure that our customers receive the best telecom solution tailored to their specific needs.

Contract Negotiation

Our goal is to secure the best possible pricing, service levels, and contractual term for your company’s telecom and IT needs.

Project Management

As an intermediary between the telecom provider and the client, we can streamline communication and ensure a smooth transition.

Lifecycle Support

Our support process aims to ensure smooth operations, address issues promptly, and build long-term relationships with our customers.

Passionately Delivered

Our unwavering belief in prioritizing our customers needs over our own helps us to achieve authentic results

Our Results

We are committed to building strong relationships, creating personalized solutions, and consistently exceeding expectations.


    Executive Director – Churchill Estates

    I can’t say enough about how ITGgroup has helped us. Their ability to handle the bidding process as well as being able to work with any provider ensures I get the best solution for the best price.


      Bi-Mart – Information Systems Manager

      ITGgroup is a valued guide to today’s multi – vendor environment. They give us the long term guidance of what is changing in the industry. Honesty and Integrity. They have saved us millions.


        Senior Executive – Rodda Paint

        The members of ITGgroup have taken the time to get to know us and how our business operates. As a result they have become an integral part of our Strategic Planning efforts.

        Providers We Support